Elsyung Consulting is a boutique firm offering bespoke and holistic People Solutions and Development Programmes.

We strive to deliver meaningful impact to SMEs.

We understand the challenges of SMEs

Productivity Enhancement
“A high-performing employee can deliver 4x more results than an average one.”
Building your team’s capabilities can help you achieve higher productivity.
Team Image Building
“It takes merely 7 seconds to form a first impression. ”
Establishing a professional team image can forge lasting relationships with your customers.
Talent Retention
“Staff turnover can cost up to 20% of annual revenue and is a blow to morale. ”
A holistic people development programme will make you an attractive employer brand.
Team Well-being
“A team lacking motivation or positive thinking is less committed or adaptable. In fact, happy employees are more productive and resilient. ”
Developing inner strength will improve employee satisfaction and prepare your team for different challenges.

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