Elsyung Consulting is a boutique firm offering bespoke and holistic Human Resources consultancy and people development programmes.

We strive to deliver meaningful impact to SMEs.

We understand the challenges of SMEs

Productivity Enhancement
“A high-performing employee can deliver 4x more results than an average one.”
Building your team’s capabilities can help you achieve higher productivity.
Team Image Building
“It takes merely 7 seconds to form a first impression. ”
Establishing a professional team image can forge lasting relationships with your customers.
Talent Retention
“Staff turnover can cost up to 20% of annual revenue and is a blow to morale. ”
A holistic people development programme will make you an attractive employer brand.
Team Well-being
“A team lacking motivation or positive thinking is less committed or adaptable. In fact, happy employees are more productive and resilient. ”
Developing inner strength will improve employee satisfaction and prepare your team for different challenges.

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