Advancement Programs

Elsyung Consulting provides many advancement programmes within a company to help improve employees’ soft skills and understanding in the industry. A few of our workshops include:

  • Impactful & Engaging Presentations - how to make your mark in business presentations
  • Art of Influencing for Sales: Back to Basics - basic training on how to make sales
  • Management for Results - learning how to manage efficiently to achieve your KPIs
  • Productive Meetings at a Snapshot - how to make the most use of your team in meetings
  • Are Customers Always Right? - how to assess a situation when customers are being difficult
  • Being Agile in a Hybrid Workplace - learning how to adapt in a work environment that is constantly changing
  • DAO for Workplace - incorporating Taoist principles of balance in the workplace
  • Professional Image 101 - learning the basics of professional image and etiquette
  • Personal Branding & Professional Networking - establishing an individual’s brand, and how to network with other professionals in any setting