Excellence Benchmark


Spend only 20 minutes to revitalize your HR.

Like any other regular health check-up, your People Management function too needs regular assessment of its well-being to maintain the efficiency and functionality of your entire organization. Through an assessment of current People Management functions' performance to your business goals, it provides an evaluation of your People practices, policies, processes, and people in place.

As your dedicated Enterprise Doctor, we can help you with:

-      Discovering the potential issue and how to avoid it

-      Setting out your priorities, and complete them by stages

-      Preventive Health Advice for your business

As a first step, we offer free Baseline Assessment to check where your organization stands.

If you want a further diagnosis, Excellence Benchmark or Excellence Benchmark Premium is what your organization needs.

Endorsed by HKQAA:

Excellence Benchmark or Excellence Benchmark Premium is a customized assessment tool designed in collaboration with Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) with reference to local and international best practices and standards including the following but not limited to:

-       ISO 30414 Human resource management - Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting 

-       ISO 9001 Quality Management System 

-       HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Start-ups 

-       On-site interview with related key stakeholders, e.g., HR Department of corporates and HR Associations 

-       Desktop research for current HR Best Practices

Regardless of the metrics you choose to follow, our robust and holistic frameworks help you understand where you are and where you want to be to realize your organization’s vision.

Specific areas that an Excellence Benchmark Report include the below 10 core People practices areas:

  • Compliance
  • Resources and planning
  • Employment relations
  • Recruitment
  • Employee engagement
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employee performance
  • Talent management
  • Data analytics
  • Strategic HR planning

And with Excellence Benchmark Premium, you can also communicate with our designated team on one-to-one basis to develop an actionable roadmap for your People practices in the future. This additional service of one hour consulting at 75% discounted price will not only help you to better understand the assessment results, but it will also help you to identify areas that require new systems or supports and the subsequent costs and benefits.

Excellence Benchmark can redirect your organization to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives instead of wasting time in the routine transactional activities. Then why delay any further? TRY IT NOW!

Baseline Assessment
Assess basic HR capabilities for your organization
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Excellence Benchmark
Get accurate metrics with Excellence Benchmark Report across 10 core areas for your organization
USD 330
Excellence Benchmark Premium
Get tailor-made Excellence Benchmark Report plus a bonus of 1 hour consulting service
USD 550

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