Collaborative Partner | Flora Chan 

Flora has over 19 years of working experience, with 11 years specialising in people development and coaching. Before she decided to pursue her career in the training and development industry, she has spent 8 years in the Information Technology industry and was the Country Manager at a listed network security company. She has also founded a wellness-inspired jewellery business in 2015. Her engineering background, interest in people, and compassionate personality allow her to be agile and resilient in dealing with different situations and people. Having lived in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the UK, Flora's diversified background has instilled her with an open mindset and vast cultural knowledge.


Flora's areas of expertise include designing and delivering experiential programs such as High Performing Team Development, Leadership Development, Coaching for Performance, Competency-based development programs for high potentials. She is also passionate about bringing wellness practices to corporates, and she enjoys doing bespoke and engaging programs such as Building Resilience, Managing Stress, etc. whether it is online or face-to-face.


Flora is a strong believer in giving back to the community. She has been involved in various community projects in Hong Kong, Cambodia and India to inspire and empower women and young people. She has been mentoring youth-at-risk and socially withdrawn youth as the past president of a Rotary Club.

Founder | Elsie Yung

Our founder, Elsie, is a seasoned strategic Human Resources professional, qualified Colour Consultant and Speaker with more than 25 years of professional experience gained from multinational companies working across Asia, Australia and UK.

Elsie specializes in providing tailored Human Resources consultancy and development solutions for organizations, teams and individuals within areas on global mindset & cross-cultural intelligence, global leadership, diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and business etiquette.

Elsie also focuses on increasing self-awareness and individual effectiveness through a process of learning about the strengths and how to bring out those elements on building self-confidence. On the branding aspect, she supports leaders on how to manage the organization and individual brands to elevate business effectiveness and results. 

Elsie's passion is to share her own experience in managing different seasons of life. Her motto is "Flexibility, Humility and Continuous Positivity".

Passion on Social Contributions

Elsie is a great believer in contributing to society. Being a member of the Rotary Club, she supported Club Fellowship with vocational sharing about her professional experience. 

She also supports young generations at universities and women in Japan to enhance their brand, image and empowerment.

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