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'' A man with outward courage dares to die; a man with inner courage dares to live. ''    Lao Tzu

How many times have you heard somebody leading courageously? What about someone who is afraid to take risks and ready to give up? Well, if you are an entrepreneur or working in a corporate at managerial position, you know that giving up is never the choice.

The word courage comes from a French root word “Coeur”, meaning “heart”. Courageous decisions come more from the heart followed by the head. It’s not that leaders do not feel the presence of fear, but they are committed to overcome and face the situation head on. They choose to march forward rather than giving up while leading others to act without fear.

The courage of leader is contagious, not only it allows a leader to pass through a challenging situation, but also sets the tone for others to rise up and ascend beyond the challenges they face. Courage acts as the foundation of other values because without courage, one will not be able to follow any of the virtuous actions.

Can courage be cultivated like other skills? Of course, yes. Following are the 5 ways you can grow your courage.

1. Take the challenges:

As a leader, you can't afford to see situations through over- optimistic filters waiting for change to happen by its own. Face the challenges head-on. Do through analysis and find out the root problem, collect right resources, strategize and monitor the outcomes. Get involved yourself until you can pass on the responsibility to safe hands. To arrive at solutions, you will need to come to a different level of thinking and for which you may want to take your team’s support. Leadership after all is about problem solving and man-management.

2. Act boldly and confidently

Once you have found out the solution and gathered team’s support, the next step is act boldly and confidently. Rather than choosing the path of least resistance each time, be open to stretch your team’s imagination and pursue the path of excellence by defining expectations that are challenging as well as exciting for your team. When you and your team are ready go above and beyond expectations while overcoming fear on the way, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving desired solution.

3. Be open to change and give rewards for execution:

Any transformation requires certain things to change. Embrace the changes and let of any attachment or fear. Following success path may not be a smooth ride and you may encounter initial failures but keep a bigger picture in mind. Be supportive to your team, make adjustments and reward them on successful execution. This will accelerate growth and keep engagement intact.

4. Promote team collaboration and control risks:

Promote atmosphere of collaboration versus that of competition. Make sure that you or your team does not get into unknown disastrous situations. Ask for feedback and let others open up about the problems they might be facing. Keep non-stop communication without having to micro-manage while ensuring that all involved are aware of the updates.

5. Be accountable and share success:

For overall project take the responsibility; be at the forefront if anything fails and share the success with team when your project is effectively completed. Doing so, will encourage tribe of future leaders who will courageously lead and establish strong company culture in future.


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