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'' Confidence is the man’s greatest friend. ''    Lao Tzu

As a leader, for you, confidence is a must. There is natural inclination to trust people more when they appear confident. More than often, dealing with a confident person assures us that person is also competent. Confident people generally have better relationships, they are motivated, they can find humor in day-to-day situations, and they are ambitious.

But what if you as a leader don’t feel confident enough? Experience always helps o become more confident but that’s not the only way. Like other skills, confidence too can be developed. Having confidence will equip you to handle conflict. continue progress, maintain personal and business relationships and grow your personal brand.

Here are the 5 ways in which you can develop confidence to a new level.

1. Build network with successful leaders:

You can start with surrounding yourself with right people who inspire you. Their knowledge of being and learning from difficult situations can help you too to face similar situations without self-doubt. Having a supportive network of peers and encouraging mentors is a healthy way of building confidence and growing business relationships.

You can also meet successful leaders at seminars and workshops, read about them from books and listen to some of the TED talks which can be highly uplifting. Also, having knowledge that you are not the only one who has faced a particular challenge can help you to put things in perspective.

2. Build more self-awareness:

Knowing your own strengths will give you confidence and knowing your development needs will help you determine what you need to focus on to get better. While there are number of ways you can increase your self-awareness, don’t forget to ask for feedbacks and suggestions.

Feedback can help you as a leader to become familiar with the areas of self-improvement you may not be aware of. Plus, when you ask for feedback, you will be seen as more confident and open. Writing a journal can also be a healthy practice of keeping track of your progress.

3. Recognize your success:

Sometimes while being in highly competitive environment, we forget that we have come a long way ourselves. Believing that you can do is winning half the battle. Stop investing time in unnecessary comparison and overthinking and concentrate on the things you can do.

You are a unique person, and your way of expression can be just being your true self. With some growth in confidence, you will be able to work on your weaknesses with more patient and persistent efforts.

4. Help others to become successful and celebrate wins:

Being confident as a leader isn’t just about building your own track record of wins. The essence of your leadership is to help others around you become more successful. Help others gain self-awareness, coach your juniors and help to put them in the best position to be successful.

Celebrate their success and share your success with them. Send messages or a gift, listen to their success stories and share your own. Recognizing your own and other’s life success and career milestones will help you establish confidence and trust with others which will give you multi-fold results in long run.

5. Look confident and stay informed:

Take some of your time out to pay attention to your physical appearance. You can figure out whether getting in shape, or having new pair of glasses, or a new hairstyle, or a new pair of shoes can make you feel more confident. Also pay attention to your dressing style and clothes which makes you look confident. Watch your body posture, remember to make eye contact, smile and give a firm and confident handshake on meeting people.

Make sure that you keep yourself inform about local and international developments which can affect you, your team members, your business or society and world as a whole. Knowing a bigger picture can limit your self-talk, stay up to date and make timely decisions.


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